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Performance Leadership

I have developed strategic interventions for clients in the Caribbean and Middle East.  I also designed and helped build a world-class investment and export promotion agency, Invest Barbados, from the ground up.  I understand how intimidating it is to create something out of nothing.  I understand the rigours of implementation.  I have experienced first-hand the challenge of engaging with people who have become disengaged, helping them build the trust and confidence necessary to speak with one voice and work together towards a shared vision for positive transformation.

Montserrat …

… designing a public communications strategy and training local trainers in public communication, broadcasting and the dissemination of information in a country grappling with the effects of an ongoing natural disaster.

Barbados …

… successfully championing the concept of a holistic Barbados Visitor Economy as part of the team designing a ten-year Tourism Master Plan.

… speaking Creative Truth To Power (CTTP) with Mr. Mark Elliott and Dr. Allyson Leacock on the preliminary mapping of the cultural and creative industries.

Oman …

… 4+ years providing strategic advice to foster innovation, leading-edge research, emerging technologies, and competitive advantages to diversify the economy from dependence on oil and gas.

… successfully restructuring and retooling the marketing, promotion, branding, media, and digital communications functions of The Research Council.

“The world is full of people who modify their language and findings to get paid. Annalee C. Babb does not do that and that’s why I like working with her.”

— Mark Elliott, Principal of Ghost’i Limited and Head of CivTech Scotland


We help businesses expand and grow

Investor On-boarding | Mandate Expansion

If you’re a foreign organisation looking to do business in Barbados or the Caribbean, I am the one to talk to.  As the head of Invest Barbados, I worked closely with foreign investors looking to grow their businesses using the Caribbean as a beachhead to enter other markets.  I know what this takes.  I am currently on-boarding a British corporation with heavy AI and machine learning products that has asked me to develop its expansion into the Caribbean and South America.  Barbados, with its natural physical beauty, enviable climate, social justice, political and economic stability, sophisticated human resources, democratic institutions, well-developed infrastructure, and network of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) is still a good bet through which to engage the world.