smart outcomes

Many big consultancies talk about the ‘solutions’ they offer. In science, a solution is a powerful substance dissolved in water … essentially a weak version of something stronger. I’m not interested in solutions if they don’t deliver Results. Thinking, talking, designing policies, strategies and action plans all have their place. But if we don’t use them to deliver significant real-world benefits they’re a colossal waste of time. What I do is enhanced by a commitment to getting results that help move clients beyond strategic planning to successful implementation …

“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing.”

– W. Edwards Deming

Smart Solutions

We live up to our promises

Great marketing can’t save defective products. Winning value propositions – whether for people, places or things – align promises with delivery to meet or exceed expectations. Many strategies fail not because they are inherently deficient but because they lack the right resources, structures and processes to deliver what they promise. My approach to product development breathes life into strategic and business planning by helping clients create a consistent and coordinated Matrix of Trust that empowers teams to deliver lasting value.

Smart Training

We never stop learning

The best way to manage disruption is with quick learning and smart adaptation. This requires the ability to listen carefully, think critically, act creatively and choose successfully from a range of options to deliver an optimal outcome. Designed using the TAPP intelligence suite of interactive multimedia tools, my bespoke training, coaching and mentorship solutions use web-based and hands-on engagement to guide people and teams through the complexities of innovating in highly demanding technology-driven environments.