who i am



My vision is to help discover and develop world-class performance at the intersection of technology, culture and ethical practice, unleashing the hidden potential of those judged least likely to succeed in a highly complex hyper-disruptive technology-driven world.



People tell me I have a unique way of seeing the world and connecting the dots that inspires them to challenge conventional thinking, commit to ethical conduct, design innovative action plans, and deliver effective technology-based results that make a positive difference in their everyday lives.



Values are the bedrock of my life. They shape who I am and guide what I do. My values root me in the soil of Caribbean cultural identity, giving me the wisdom and confidence to share my purpose & my gifts with the world.


I share my knowledge and resources in strategic, socially responsible ways that allow me to profit from the value I create. I am open to working with those who share my strategic focus. We are more effective when we act in concert toward a mutually beneficial goal.


Innovation is disruptive. It replaces what exists with new solutions that add value to people's lives. I welcome fresh ideas and imaginative approaches with the potential to lead to positive, lasting transformation.


Harmony is central to my way in the world. Order is harmony's first law. It brings discipline and structure to chaos and uncertainty. I embody the principle of order. It creates room for innovation to grow.


I embody sound character, ethical behaviour, fairness, honesty and respect in my work and in all of my interactions. Trust is a non-negotiable feature of my life and my vocation.


I believe in the power of love to create, revitalise and restore. Love is as patient, kind and caring as it is perceptive, hopeful and just. I sow the seed of love into all I do. Its harvest makes my work worthwhile.


I believe value creation is a long game that requires relentless commitment and single-minded focus. I never give up in my quest for real growth and positive transformation. Persistence is the hallmark of my practice.